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Product Liability

Johnson & Bell’s Product Liability group has successfully represented U.S. and foreign product designers and manufacturers for more than three decades. In state and federal courts nationwide, our trial lawyers have handled cases ranging from the defense of common household products and manufacturing machinery, to scientific, medical and aeronautic instruments and devices.

Successful defended suits include:

  • Agricultural and construction equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Computerized process control equipment
  • Railroad and automotive products
  • Consumer electronics/products
  • Sports and recreational products
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Asbestos and mined products
  • Food processing equipment

Other services:

  • Counsel clients in risk reduction and management programs.
  • Assist in developing warnings and related documentation for products.
  • Serve as national and regional coordinating counsel in cases of products subjected to litigation on a national scope.

Johnson and Bell

Johnson and Bell