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Carini Secures Defense Verdict in $1.7M Breach of Contract Case

November 16, 2015

In a breach of contract case seeking $1.7 million in damages against an inspecting architect, Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Joseph B. Carini, III, secured a defense verdict in favor of his client.  In this case, the plaintiffs, who were first-time developers, were converting a three-flat building into condominiums.  The “gut rehab” was nearing completion in 2009 when the contractor left the job, and the project was never finished.  Shortly thereafter, the development was foreclosed upon by the bank financing the project.  The plaintiffs filed lawsuits against the general contractor and the inspecting architect, among others.  The lawsuit against Mr. Carini’s client alleged that the inspecting architect approved payment for work that wasn’t done or was done defectively and that these approved payments led to the failure of the development project. Mr. Carini argued that the inspections were not performed for the plaintiffs’ benefit and that there was no breach of contract.  In addition, Mr. Carini argued that the foreclosure was caused solely by plaintiffs’ conduct.  After a three-week trial, the plaintiffs’ counsel asked the jury for $1.7 million from Mr. Carini’s client.  The jury deliberated for 4 hours before returning a defense verdict.

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