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Johnson & Bell Names New President and Chairman of the Board; Elects New Board Members

December 13, 2021

Johnson & Bell’s Board of Directors recently selected the following officers to oversee the firm’s operations:

Robert M. Burke, President

John A. Childers, Vice President

Matthew L. Johnson, Vice President

Sammi L. Renken, Vice President & Secretary

Joseph B. Carini, Vice President & Security Officer

Brian P. Gainer, Vice President & Treasurer

Laura Johnson, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

These individuals have demonstrated strong leadership abilities over their long tenures with Johnson & Bell.

In addition, former firm President, Joseph R. Marconi, will serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and William V. Johnson will serve as Vice Chairman of the Board.

New Board of Director members elected to a three-year term include Joseph B. Carini III, Robert J. Comfort, Brian P. Gainer, H. Patrick Morris and Kevin G. Owens.

These changes become effective January 1, 2022.

Clients rely on Johnson & Bell to defend their interests in court.  We accomplish their objectives by providing efficient, effective and creative legal counsel.   Since 1975, we have represented companies from a range of business sectors, including manufacturing, chemicals, transportation, drug stores, real estate, banking, insurance, trucking, health care, accounting, law, consulting, construction, hospitality and retail, as well as local, city and state governments and municipalities.  These clients trust Johnson & Bell to deliver viable solutions to their business challenges.  We are proud of the results we have delivered on their behalf.

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