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Worker Died of Heart Attack, Not Electrocution

May 11, 2011

Lead trial attorney who secured a not guilty verdict in a personal injury case brought against a general contractor overseeing the addition of a new gymnasium on a college campus.  During construction, a worker employed by one of the sub-contractors on the construction project, died while operating a wall mounted coring drill when he fell from a six-foot ladder.   Subsequent to the worker’s death, the drill cord was found to be frayed and plugged into a permanent wall socket with no ground fault circuit interruption protection.  The worker’s estate claimed electrocution and sought $2 million in damages.   Defense successfully argued that plaintiff died of heart attack, not electrocution.  Co-workers testified that the plaintiff complained of heartburn, stomach ache, fatigue and leg pain in the morning.  In addition, DuPage County coroner’s pathologist testified that the plaintiff had severe stenosis in all of his arteries with 70-95 percent blockage and concluded he died of a heart attack.

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