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With Plaintiff Seeking $5M in Damages, Schiller, Kovarik Deliver Defense Verdict

April 15, 2015

Johnson & Bell Shareholders, Gregory E. Schiller and Andrew J. Kovarik, obtained a verdict in favor of Loyola University Medical Center in a trial in Cook County, Illinois.  In this matter, the plaintiff alleged negligence and deviation from the standard of care by one of the hospital’s physicians.  The plaintiff allegedly suffered a tear of the infraspinatus muscle as a result of a physical examination of the left shoulder.  The plaintiff alleged that as a result of the injury, he would require an intrathecal pain pump for the rest of his life.  The defense argued that the physician complied with the standard of care in his evaluation of the plaintiff and properly performed a physical examination on the plaintiff.  The defense also argued that the plaintiff would have been a candidate for the intrathecal pain pump due to the pre-existing condition of his left shoulder.  The plaintiff requested over $5 million in damages on behalf of he and his wife.  After a week-long trial, the jury found in favor of Loyola University Medical Center and determined that no injury was caused by any alleged deviation from the standard of care.

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