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Carlos Vera to Discuss Commercial Disputes at June 7 Seminar in Dallas

May 23, 2023

Johnson & Bell’s Carlos A. Vera will present, “Business Torts: Deception, Fraud and Interference,” at the ALFA International Business Litigation Regional Seminar on June 7 in Dallas, TX.  Mr. Vera’s presentation will address a growing area of litigation – business torts, where one’s wrongful conduct causes damages under one or more common law tort theories.  More states have adopted statutes designed to protect consumers against fraud and/or deceptive practices, which can apply to business-to-business transactions, depending on the state’s definition of “consumer” and the nature of the transaction. These tort claims often become the center of a business dispute, shaping the narrative of the litigation, broadening the scope of discovery, and inviting unwanted publicity. Additionally, such claims can increase litigation costs and expose parties to special damage categories such as punitive damages and, sometimes statutorily provided attorney’s fees.  Mr. Vera will discuss some of the most common business torts and strategies for bringing or defending against business tort claims.


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