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After nearly four weeks at trial, Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Sammi L. Renken, obtained a defense verdict for her client, a major academic hospital in Chicago. Plaintiff sought $2.75 million in damages. In this case, plaintiff alleged the hospital was negligent by failing to prevent and treat a sacral pressure ulcer, which progressed to a Stage IV wound. Plaintiff maintained the wound became infected and caused sepsis, resulting in death from septic shock. The defense maintained the decedent’s heart attack from three months prior resulted in a ventricular septal defect, causing cardiac failure and decreased perfusion throughout the entire body. The defense maintained the decedent’s wound was unavoidable due to her poor cardiac state, and that her death was caused by cardiac failure, rather than sepsis.

The jury deliberated for less than 90 minutes before returning a verdict for the defense. After the verdict was read, jurors reported that each juror decided in favor of the defense before deliberations even began. Johnson & Bell Associate, Joel Brenord assisted with trial preparation on this case.

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