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Pioli Secures Not Guilty Verdict in Legal Malpractice Case Seeking Over $2M in Damages

June 30, 2015

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Victor J. Pioli, successfully defended a local matrimonial law firm against alleged claims of legal malpractice. The plaintiff filed her claim for legal malpractice against our client in July 2010 and sought $2.3 million in damages.  Our client had represented the plaintiff in her divorce proceedings. Plaintiff’s primary complaints centered around two allegations: (1) that our client had advised her to enter into a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) in which her share of the marital estate was less than what she was entitled to; and (2) the matrimonial law firm had failed to adequately assess the extent of marital assets.  Plaintiff claimed that her $4.3 million settlement accounted for less than 35% of the marital assets resulting in an inequitable division of the marital estate. Defense contended that the plaintiff’s share of the true value of the marital assets exceeded 50% because her ex-husband’s deferred compensation was ultimately valueless as it was completely unfunded.  Pioli also argued that the plaintiff neither accounted for certain liabilities in the marital estate associated with her ex-husband’s business interests. Finally, defense asserted that the plaintiff’s claims were time barred under the two-year statute of limitations applicable to legal malpractice cases.  The jury sided in favor of our client.

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