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Burke and Linneman Earn Favorable Verdict for Target Corporation in Premises Liability Case

October 24, 2013

Johnson & Bell Shareholders, Robert M. Burke and Michael J. Linneman, secured a defense verdict in favor of their client, Target Corporation.  In this premises liability case, the plaintiff alleged he had tripped over some red buckets in the aisle of a Target store, which he could not see because of the presence of another shopper.  Plaintiff argued that a nearby employee should have seen the buckets and picked them up. Plaintiff claimed to have injured his shoulder, hip and elbow.  Plaintiff asserted that his superior labrum (shoulder joint) and subscapularis tendon (rotator cuff) were torn. Target Corporation disputed the nature and extent of the injuries. Target and its expert denied there were tears in the rotator cuff or superior labrum, despite those tears having been noted on the radiology report.  The company also denied that the fall aggravated plaintiff’s degenerative arthritis. The jury returned a verdict in favor of Target Corporation and against plaintiff.

Mr. Burke works extensively in transportation litigation, including trucking and railroad. Mr. Burke also focuses on products liability, general negligence, premises liability and retail liability. Successful verdicts include premises liability, motor vehicle, product liability and traffic design lawsuits.  Mr. Linneman focuses his practice on trucking, transportation law, premises liability and general negligence. Mr. Linneman represented creditors and other interested parties before several U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. Clients include: construction contractors, trucking companies and business and property owners.

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