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The Evolution of Forum Non Conveniens in Illinois and Recent Legislation to Limit the Doctrine

The purpose of this Monograph is to educate the reader as to the long history and importance of the forum non conveniens doctrine and to a recent movement to have the Illinois legislature act to take away Illinois courts’ ability to transfer cases to more appropriate counties within the State. It is well-known that certain   Continue Reading »

Illinois Spoliation of Evidence Law -- A Comprehensive Explanation

I.  Elements/definition of spoliation of evidence: Is it an “intentional or fraudulent” threshold or can it be negligent destruction of evidence. Illinois law does not recognize a separate and independent tort for spoliation of evidence. Dardeen v. Kuehling, 213 Ill. 2d 329, 821 N.E.2d 227 (2004); Boyd v. Travelers Ins. Co., 166 Ill. 2d 188,   Continue Reading »

Making Hotels Safer For Their Guests

Hotel guests have high expectations of luxury with respect to the services and products they receive during their stay at a hotel.  In particular, they have high expectations about the quality of their room and the customer service provided to them.  Hotel guests also expect excellent hotel safety and security.  But no matter how luxurious   Continue Reading »

Johnson and Bell

Johnson and Bell