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  • Co-chaired a five-day trial and obtained a defense verdict for a hospital in the suburbs of Chicago. The plaintiff alleged that the hospital was negligent in its transport of the plaintiff, resulting in a laceration to his right foot. The plaintiff argued that the cut on his foot resulted in infection, osteomyelitis and amputation. Defense argued that the sole proximate cause of the plaintiff's amputation was not the result of alleged negligent conduct of their client and its staff. In closing, the plaintiff asked for $1.5 million in damages. After five days of trial, the jury deliberated for 30 minutes and returned a verdict in favor of the hospital.
  • Obtained summary judgment in favor of a hospital client in a premises liability matter involving a ladder lawsuit. In this case, a contractor hanging holiday decorations in the lobby of the hospital left his ladder unsecured, and it fell and struck the plaintiff. Plaintiff filed suit against the contractor and the hospital claiming the two defendants had created a dangerous condition by allowing the ladder to remain unsecured and in an unsafe position. In addition, plaintiff argued that having the work occur in the lobby and using a ladder in close proximity to guests was hazardous by itself. Defense countered these arguments by showing via surveillance video that the alleged dangerous condition existed for a mere 14 seconds, which was clearly too little time for the hospital’s employees to be on notice of the condition. Defense further argued that the ladder’s dangerous condition was not apparent as it could only be seen by looking at the bent and unsecured ladder brace. The judge agreed with defense’s arguments, determining that the hospital had no notice of the dangerous condition and granted summary judgment in the hospital’s favor.