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The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a detailed breakdown for the 76,418 charges of workplace discrimination they received in the 2018 fiscal year.  The 2018 fiscal year showed that retaliation remains the most frequently filed charge filed with the agency, followed by sex, disability and race. The EEOC also received 7,609 sexual harassment charges, which is a 13.6 percent increase from FY 2017. Below, the charge numbers show the breakdown by bases alleged:

  • Retaliation: 39,469 (51.6 percent of all charges filed)
  • Sex: 24,655 (32.3 percent)
  • Disability: 24,605 (32.2 percent)
  • Race: 24,600 (32.2 percent)
  • Age: 16,911 (22.1 percent)
  • National Origin: 7,106 (9.3 percent)
  • Color: 3,166 (4.1 percent)
  • Religion: 2,859 (3.7 percent)
  • Equal Pay Act: 1,066 (1.4 percent)
  • Genetic Information: 220 (.3 percent)

The comprehensive statistics for FY 2018 can be found here. In addition, the EEOC resolved 90,558 charges of discrimination, and secured $505 million for victims in the private sector, state and local government, and federal workplaces. The agency responded to more than 519,000 calls to its toll-free number, 34,600 emails and more than 200,000 inquires in field offices.

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