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Boehm, Macksey and Belongia Secure Appellate Win in Investment Partners Dispute

Johnson & Bell Shareholders, Garrett L. Boehm, Jr., David M. Macksey and Mark D. Belongia secured a First District Appellate ruling in favor of their clients in an investment partner dispute. Johnson & Bell filed the appeal, alleging that the trial court erred in granting defendants’ motion to compel arbitration and dismissing their clients’ claims   Continue Reading »

In Rare Reversal, Transportation Company Can Move Case Out of Cook County

The First District Appellate Court recently ruled in favor of a defendant transportation company, allowing the company to transfer its case on forum non conveniens grounds from Cook County to Kane County, where an accident involving one of the company’s trucks and its driver occurred.  It is rare that a trial court’s ruling on a   Continue Reading »

Marconi Secures Dismissal with Prejudice of Multi-Million Dollar Malpractice Lawsuit Against Matrimonial Law Firm

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Joseph R. Marconi, secured dismissal with prejudice for his matrimonial law firm client in a heated dispute with a former client.  In this dispute, the matrimonial law firm represented a client in a highly litigious divorce action in Kane County and through its appeal.  Thereafter, the law firm withdrew.  The matrimonial   Continue Reading »

Belongia, Jalalpour Resolve Complex UCC Dispute Enabling Client to Recover $100K from a National Bank

Johnson & Bell Shareholders, Mark D. Belongia and Ramses Jalalpour, successfully resolved a dispute between their client, an emergency railroad service company, and one of its vendors. In this matter, the client sent a check to its vendor for more than $100,000.  The check was stolen before it reached the vendor and then deposited into   Continue Reading »

Belongia Resolves Multinational Ownership Dispute

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Mark D. Belongia, successfully resolved an ownership dispute involving partners in an international sales and manufacturing company.  In this multinational dispute, Belongia’s clients were the European founders and majority owners of a U.S.-based company, but were not the day-to-day operators of the business. Ultimately, disagreements between the majority and minority owners   Continue Reading »

Ownership Group Gets Seared When They Secretly Steal Another Shareholder’s Stake

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Mark D. Belongia, resolved an ownership dispute that earned their client an above market return on his ownership stake.  In this dispute, Johnson & Bell’s client was a partner in several companies that owned restaurants. At a meeting of the shareholders in which our client couldn’t attend, the other shareholders of   Continue Reading »

Belongia Leads Veristar Acquisition of Planet Data Solutions, Inc.

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Mark D. Belongia, recently closed an acquisition for Veristar LLC, a premier legal services delivery firm serving corporate legal departments and private law firms. Belongia handled the acquisition of Planet Data Solutions, Inc. With the acquisition, Veristar LLC continues its expansion as a national provider of expert forensic data collection, electronic   Continue Reading »

Appellate Ruling Brings End to Heated Legal Malpractice Dispute

The First District Appellate Court affirmed a circuit court’s dismissal of a legal malpractice dispute based upon res judicata.  The Illinois Supreme Court rejected plaintiff’s request for further review. The appellate ruling followed a prior dismissal of the legal malpractice lawsuit in 2019.  At that time, Johnson & Bell Shareholders, Joseph F. Spitzzeri and Rory   Continue Reading »

Belongia, Jalalpour Help Client Recover $500K Stolen by Employee

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Mark D. Belongia, and Attorney, Ramses Jalalpour, obtained a significant and hard-fought victory on behalf of a corporate client. The client, a private jet leasing company, learned that an employee had embezzled over $500,000 from the company and its subsidiaries over a period of several years.  Upon discovery of the theft,   Continue Reading »

Seventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Potential Class Action Against Municipality, Sheriff and County Jail

In a case based on allegations of a systemic failure by a municipality and its county sheriff to provide timely dental care to detainees in the county jail, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a district court’s ruling that denied plaintiff’s motion for class certification.  The issues surrounding that denial were the basis   Continue Reading »
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