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Johnson & Bell Shareholders, Mark D. Belongia and Ramses Jalalpour, successfully resolved a dispute between their client, an emergency railroad service company, and one of its vendors. In this matter, the client sent a check to its vendor for more than $100,000.  The check was stolen before it reached the vendor and then deposited into an account at a credit union in Tennessee.  It turned out that the account at the credit union was created using false information.  To further complicate the situation, the client’s commercial bank approved payment of the check and paid out over a forged indorsement. Belongia and Jalalpour used the presentment warranties under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to force their client’s bank to reimburse their client the full value of the cashed check.  They argued that the commercial bank had breached its warranty with their client by approving and paying the check.  After settling the dispute and returning the full six-figure amount to their client, Belongia and Jalalpour also provided guidance to the commercial bank about the process required to recover its funds from the credit union. 

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