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Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Mark D. Belongia, successfully resolved an ownership dispute involving partners in an international sales and manufacturing company.  In this multinational dispute, Belongia's clients were the European founders and majority owners of a U.S.-based company, but were not the day-to-day operators of the business. Ultimately, disagreements between the majority and minority owners led to the minority owner, also the LLC manager, leaving the company without notice and demanding a buyout.  Issues arose surrounding the prior and current conduct of the minority owner and the valuation of the minority interest.  When the partners couldn’t reach an agreement, the majority owners retained Belongia to resolve the dispute.  During the arbitration process, a counterclaim was brought by Belongia that changed the momentum of the case and caused the parties to attend a mediation. After a full-day mediation that went into the early evening, the parties agreed to a buy-out number and mutual resolution of all claims on very favorable terms for the majority owners.

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