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For a combined eight years, the team of D. Patterson Gloor, Stephen P. Ellenbecker and Steven M. Shear defended numerous claims within the welding rod industry alleging neurological damage and physical complications allegedly caused by manganese in welding fumes. Over the course of their defense of welding rod manufacturers, Messrs. Gloor, Ellenbecker and Shear developed unparalleled knowledge and experience about the claims of manganese toxicity and the state of scientific knowledge regarding manganese toxicity. They tried approximately 10 cases where manganese toxicity was the medical issue.  They settled none of the cases in which they were involved.  As a result of their representation, they worked with a wide range of physicians, epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, and other medical and scientific experts in defending the claims. In fact, this team probably knows more about defending allegations of manganese exposure than just about any legal team in the Midwest.

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