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Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Gregory E. Schiller, received a directed verdict for his client, a neurosurgeon, in a wrongful death medical malpractice case.  The estate of the plaintiff was seeking more than $20 million in damages.  In this case, the estate of the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against two neurosurgeons, a pharmacy corporation and two pharmacists, claiming that an excessive dosage of Dilaudid caused the plaintiff’s decedent to suffer both spinal and brain infarctions leading to quadriplegia and subsequent death, approximately three and a half years later.  The defense argued that their client complied with the requisite standard of care when he ordered Dilaudid (4-6mg if the pain reached 7-10), because the plaintiff’s decedent’s severe post-surgical pain was not being controlled by Morphine and Norco.  After eight weeks of trial, Johnson & Bell asked the court for a directed verdict in favor of their client.  The court granted the directed verdict.  The case remains pending against the pharmacy and the pharmacists.


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