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On Thursday, May 21st, Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Tammy L. Wade, presented on personalized medicine for the 2020 Zurich Healthcare Webinar Series, focusing on the liability exposures created by the availability of genetic-based treatments and how healthcare providers can mitigate those risks. She discussed how genetic data is being utilized to modify traditional approaches to treatment of disease processes, the risks associated with the use of—or failure to use—available genetic data when delivering healthcare, and how the use of genetic-based data is resulting in claims against healthcare providers.

Delivering healthcare based on the individual needs and clinical presentation of a patient is the goal of any healthcare provider. With the increasing availability of low-cost genetic sequencing, a new era of personalized medicine has arrived. Medical decisions, practices, interventions and products are being tailored to the individual patient not strictly based upon their needs and presentation, but also based on their predicted risk of disease and response to treatments. Often referred to as Precision Medicine, this approach to healthcare utilizes information we have learned about an individual’s genes, proteins and environment to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. As advances in medical research change how we treat diseases processes, we must understand how the availability of genetic data is changing the standard of care applicable to healthcare providers.

Ms. Wade is a member of Johnson & Bell's Healthcare practice group.