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Johnson & Bell attorneys Kevin G. Owens, Patrick T. Garvey and Angela M. Kotsalieff recently obtained summary judgment in favor of their client in a case pending in Porter County, IN.  The case involved the catastrophic collapse of a huge industrial machine that was in service at a northwest Indiana steel mill.  Plaintiffs alleged that Johnson & Bell’s client had participated in an earlier upgrade and renovation of the machine, and that the client’s claimed negligence in the performance of its work resulted in the failure of the machine’s emergency stop button and limit switches, leading to the collapse.  Plaintiffs alleged that their damages, including replacement of the machine and business interruption losses, exceeded $45 million.  After engaging in focused discovery, including depositions of key witnesses involved in the renovation project, Owens, Garvey and Kotsalieff were able to demonstrate that their client had no involvement in the project, resulting in summary judgment in favor of the client.  The case continues as to several remaining defendants.