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The Defense Research Institute recently announced the soon-to-be-released addition to its Defense Library Series, The DRI Product Liability Compendium: Warnings, Instructions, and Recalls. Johnson & Bell shareholder Kevin Owens authored the Illinois chapter of this international compendium. The compendium was assembled to give readers a comprehensive summary of the current U.S. common law, as well as international common, civil, and regulatory law, in both of these areas — pre-sale warnings and post-sale duties to warn or fix a defective product — and to demonstrate how the two areas are inextricably intertwined. Recognizing that product liability has become global and that accidents, court rulings, regulatory activities, and settlements anywhere in the world can be easily discovered, it is clear that manufacturers and product sellers must consider all geographical areas in which they sell their products when deciding how to comply with pre-sale and post-sale duties and how to defend claims and litigation based on these duties.