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Municipal Law Alert

Risk Management: Avoiding Unnecessary Litigation in the Enforcement of Sign Codes

INTRODUCTION Signs used by citizens to convey messages to the public are generally regulated by local town codes and ordinances. Restrictions on the use of such signs can create constitutional issues that municipalities must be wary of when enforcing the provisions of their particular code. Sign use restrictions in an Arizona town’s code were recently   Continue Reading »

Court Finds Municipality Used Arrest Record to Wrongfully Terminate Employment

In Murillo v. City of Chicago, the First District Appellate Court was asked to interpret a section of the Illinois Human Rights Act (Act) (775 ILCS 5/2-103(A) that prohibits employers from “[using] the fact of an arrest” as a basis to discriminate in employment.  Plaintiff, after about three years working as a janitor for a   Continue Reading »

Supreme Court Holds Fourth Amendment Requires a Warrant for Blood Testing

The Supreme Court recently weighed in on state laws that require a motorist suspected of driving under the influence to submit to blood testing. Birchfield v. North Dakota (No. 14-1468, June 23, 2016)[1]. The holding of Birchfield has far reaching implications for the many states that require a person to submit to warrantless blood tests.   Continue Reading »

Supreme Court Ruling Expands First Amendment Municipal Liability

Ruling Focuses on Employer’s Motivation Rather than the Employee’s Intent — Even Where Employer Was Mistaken Regarding the Employee’s Behavioral Intent The Supreme Court recently expanded potential municipal liability in Heffernan v. City of Patterson, New Jersey (No. 14-1290, Apr. 26, 2016)[1]. The plaintiff, Jeffrey Heffernan, is a police officer working in the Police Chief’s office in   Continue Reading »

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Johnson and Bell