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On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, shareholder Kevin Owens partnered with Anne Mathias, P.E., the Director of Safety & Risk Assessment of Engineering Systems, Inc., to present a webinar to an international electrical products manufacturer.  The title of the presentation was Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis – How and Why: Improving Your Company’s Defensibility.”  In the presentation, Kevin addressed how incorporating formal Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis at the design, development, and manufacturing stages of any product will not only result in a safer product, but will also make the manufacturer much more “defensible” in the event of a later product liability lawsuit against the company.  Anne presented the audience with the engineering perspective of this risk reduction tool, including offering tips on the ways to perform a Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis, and the concept of acceptable risk.  She also debunked some of the perceived risks of Risk Assessment while demonstrating its actual benefits.  For more information on this topic or to inquire about having Mr. Owens and Ms. Mathias present to your organization, please contact Kevin Owens.

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