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After more than two weeks of trial, Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Sharon L. Stanzione, and Associate Attorney, Alan M. Kus, obtained a directed verdict in favor of their hospital client. The case originally featured 17 different defendants, and ultimately went to trial against four co-defendant physicians and the hospital. Plaintiff alleged that her husband went to the hospital with an aortic dissection that ultimately went undiagnosed and untreated, leading to his death less than two hours after being discharged. Specifically regarding the hospital, plaintiff alleged a failure of the nurses to report chest pain to the attending physicians and a failure to follow physician orders. Plaintiff sought $1.25 million in damages from the hospital, the maximum recoverable amount allowed under the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act.  Ms. Stanzione and Mr. Kus successfully refuted these allegations and argued that the hospital's nurses properly cared for the patient, including his eventual discharge.  In addition, the defense team maintained that the hospital, and its nurses, did not cause or contribute to the patient's death. As a result, the trial court entered a directed verdict in favor of the hospital at the close of plaintiff's case-in-chief.