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On December 16, 2020, the Supreme Court of Illinois adopted Rule 44, addressing photography and video in the court room, and Amended Rule 63 regarding the duties of judicial office impartially and diligently.

In the new Rule 44, the taking of photographs in the courtroom during sessions of the court or recesses between proceedings and the broadcasting or televising of court proceedings are permitted only to the extent authorized by order of the Supreme Court. There is now permission to record or live broadcast any proceeding that is conducted remotely; ceremonial events such as marriages, investitures, and graduations in problem solving courts; and make a broadcast available to interested persons, such as victims of crime or persons who have a statutory right to be present during court proceedings but who do not wish to attend in person.

The Amended Rule 63 reiterates that the judicial duties of a judge take precedence over all other activities of the judge. The judge's judicial duties include all the duties of the judge's office prescribed by law. To perform their duties, judges must follow strict standards in their adjudicative and administrative responsibilities. Not following these standards can result in a judge’s disqualification.

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