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Utilizing the Appointment of Guardians ad Litem as a Defense Tool to Effectuate Settlement in Cases Involving Minor Plaintiffs and/or Minor Beneficiaries

Cases involving catastrophic injuries to minors, whether through birth trauma, motor vehicle collision, or any other alleged mechanism of negligence, can carry extremely high exposure due to the effect the injuries may have on the minor during the rest of his or her life. Especially in cases where liability is in question, litigants should be   Continue Reading »

Using the Affordable Health Care Act to Mitigate Future Medical Damages

In personal injury cases, is there a defensible strategy to significantly reduce claims for future medical damages through application of the Affordable Care Act?  Time will certainly tell, but it does appear possible. In its simplest terms, the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) provides that all persons in the United States be afforded health insurance, regardless   Continue Reading »

Ransomware Attacks – Health Care Institutions an Emerging Target?

Several news media outlets are reporting a recent cyber-attack assault on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.  According to authorities, the hospital was the victim of a cyber-attack on February 5 that locked the hospital out of its computer systems using ransomware to infect their network. According to reports in this case, the unknown   Continue Reading »

Discovery Depositions Are Not Available for Media Use During Pending Litigation.

As you may have heard, Pam Zekman of CBS Channel 2 has run a television segment relating to a pending lawsuit against Palos Community Hospital.  In the segment, plaintiff’s counsel, Jim Ball, is interviewed along with the parents of a child that suffered brain damage after the hospital allegedly failed to properly treat the mother’s   Continue Reading »

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