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A team of Johnson & Bell Shareholders presented an emerging issue in personal injury lawsuits – genome sequencing and its role in medical causation – to one of our clients.  D. Patterson Gloor, H. Patrick Morris, Gregory E. Schiller and Stephen P. Ellenbecker covered three primary issues, including: 1) the role of a person’s genome in determining medical causation from a toxic exposure; 2) the role of genetics in determining the source of E coli and salmonella contamination; and 3) the role of genetics and genetic testing in determining the cause of an injury or disease and the standard of care in medical malpractice cases. Our team was augmented by Innovative Science Solutions’ David Schwartz, Ph.D., who excels at analyzing the interaction of science and law, and Kirk T. Hartley, founder of Law Science Policy Group, who works on complex issues at the intersection of commercial law, tort law and molecular biology.  For more information about this emerging area of personal injury litigation, please contact D. Patterson Gloor or H. Patrick Morris.

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