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  • "Admissibility of Expert Testimony," April 2000: Prepared and presented seminar materials on the issues related to admissibility of expert testimony in State and Federal courts to major Liability insurer.
  • 2004 DRI Toxic Tort and Environmental Law Seminar: Assisted H. Patrick Morris of Johnson & Bell, Ltd. in a demonstration of the defense Voir Dire of a Jury Panel
  • Seminar on Lead Poisoning:┬áPrepared and presented seminar materials on the necessary investigative steps to be taken in defense of a claim of lead poisoning to field office of major Premises Liability insurer.
  • "Common Carrier and Taxi Cab Cases- Unique Motion Practice and Evidentiary Issues"; Robert J. Comfort and Patrick T. Garvey. Presentation of materials at the Auto Insurance Law and Accident Litigation in Illinois Seminar on 8/24/99 hosted by Lorman Education Services.


  • Mealey's Midwest Lead Litigation Conference: Assisted in the research and preparation of written materials on the necessity of "Neuropsychological Testing and Testimony," 1996