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Presenter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Advanced Food Science Seminar. March 13, 2017. Topic: “Whole Genome What? Genetic Fingerprinting in Litigation.”

Presenter at the American Conference Institute’s 6th National Forum on Chemical Product Liability and Environmental Litigation. April 21, 2015. Topic: “Avoiding the GM Trap: Protect Your Company’s Global Brand from Negative Perception Even When Actions Taken are within the Law”

Presenter at the Chicago Law Bulletin Litigation Skills II Conference. May 16, 2008. Topic: “Opening Statements”

Presenter at the Thirteenth Annual Conference of the National Forum for Environmental and Toxic Torrt Issues. October 5-6, 2006. Topic: “What’s Hot About Welding Rods”

Presenter at the Illinois Association of Defense and Trial Counsel Spring Seminar. March 1, 2003. Topic: “Defendant v. Defendant: Selected Case Law Regarding Liability and Related Insurance Coverage Issues under Illinois Law”