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Received a defense verdict in favor of our client, a cardiologist, in a wrongful death dispute with a multi-million dollar damages demand. In this case, the plaintiff alleged that the defendants, a referring family medicine physician, and our client, a cardiologist, continued the decedent on too high a dose of a cardiac medicine for too long a period of time, causing her to sustain organ toxicity and death. Plaintiff made policy demands against each defendant and suggested a multi-million dollar verdict to the jury.  The defense countered that both physicians acted reasonably under the clinical circumstances in analyzing the risks of the cardiac drug against the benefits of its use.  Following a two-week trial, the jury found that both defendant physicians were not liable and entered a verdict in favor of the defense.

Illinois Appellate Court decision affirming the trial court’s ruling on a motion in limine barring undisclosed expert testimony regarding lost profits, i.e. the plaintiff’s only form of damages. Once the plaintiff conceded to having no proof of damages, the court on its own motion entered judgment in favor of the defendant. Plaintiff appealed arguing abuse of discretion in issuing a discovery sanction. The appellate court disagreed, ruling in favor of client/defendant

Summary Order affirming trial court’s ruling to bar both of the plaintiff’s expert witnesses and summary judgment ruling in favor of client/defendant pump manufacturer in product liability, construction, breach of warranty, and breach of contract dispute regarding a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant upgrade. Plaintiff appealed and the appellate court affirmed in defendant/client pump manufacturer’s favor