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Belongia Closes Acquisition for Veristar LLC

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Mark D. Belongia, recently closed an acquisition for Veristar LLC, a data management and document review company serving corporate legal departments and private law firms. Mr. Belongia handled the acquisition of certain assets from Franklin Data Ventures Inc. With the acquisition, Veristar LLC is now a national provider of expert forensic   Continue Reading »

Hannigan, Drouet Secure Defense Verdict for Cardiologist in Wrongful Death Dispute

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Susan M. Hannigan, and Attorney, Martha E. Drouet, received a defense verdict in favor of their client, a cardiologist, in a wrongful death dispute with a multi-million dollar damages demand. In this case, the plaintiff alleged that the defendants, a referring family medicine physician, and our client, a cardiologist, continued the   Continue Reading »

Indiana Trial Team Scuttles Plaintiff’s Attempt to Expand Monetary Damages, Liability

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Edward W. Hearn, along with Attorney, Jennifer M. Carpenter, obtained partial judgment on the pleadings in favor of their transportation client.  The Court’s ruling will have positive effects for defendants in the future, by eliminating one of the trial tactics that plaintiffs use to expend liability and inflate compensatory damages.  In addition,   Continue Reading »

Conspiracy Charges Dismissed Against Officers, Municipalities in Murder Case

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Joseph F. Spitzzeri, and Attorney, Michael J. Lizzadro, succeeded in getting conspiracy charges dismissed against their clients – a police officer and an Illinois municipality.  The plaintiff sued Johnson & Bell’s clients, along with several other municipalities and their respective officers, after being arrested and charged with a shooting murder in   Continue Reading »

Sub’s Certificate of Insurance Insufficient to Garner Duty to Defend/Indemnify General Contractor

Johnson & Bell Insurance Coverage Shareholder, Glenn F. Fencl, and Attorney, David J. Rock, won a coverage dispute on behalf of their insurance carrier client.  In this case, Johnson & Bell’s client had issued an insurance policy to a subcontractor at a construction jobsite. An employee of the subcontractor claimed he had been injured at   Continue Reading »

Credit Union Website Target of ADA Lawsuit, But Appellate Court Says Plaintiff Case Lacks Standing

The Seventh Circuit affirmed a lower court’s ruling in favor of a Johnson & Bell credit union client.  The ruling likely will affect similar discrimination suits brought by a plaintiff’s firm across the country.  In the lower court case, Johnson & Bell Attorney, Ramses Jalalpour, secured dismissal of a federal lawsuit filed against his credit   Continue Reading »

Marconi, Malarkey Close Contentious Real Estate Transaction at Nearly Triple the Initial Valuation

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Joseph R. Marconi, and Real Estate Attorney, John D. Malarkey, recently concluded a complex real estate transaction that resolved litigation between warring stakeholders that highly benefited their client. The dispute between partners of a senior manufactured housing development wound its way from trial court, to arbitration, and then on to a   Continue Reading »

Johnson, Vickrey Secure Verdict for Defense. Plaintiff Sought $800K for Post-Op Hospital Fall

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Matthew L. Johnson, and Associate Attorney, Caroline K. Vickrey, secured a defense verdict for their hospital client in a trial in DuPage County.  Plaintiff sought $800,000 in damages, claiming the hospital, its physical therapists and nurses were negligent in a post-op transfer to a bedside commode.  Plaintiff had undergone a lumbar   Continue Reading »

Spitzzeri, Lukowicz Secure Dismissal in Employment Discrimination Case

Johnson & Bell Shareholder, Joseph F. Spitzzeri, and Associate, Amber N. Lukowicz, secured a dismissal of employment discrimination claims made against a healthcare IT startup.  In her Charge, the Complainant alleged claims of racial discrimination and retaliation.  Complainant alleged as project manager at the company, she was subjected to racial harassment and discrimination in violation   Continue Reading »

Burke, Linneman Secure Verdict for Plaintiff in Pro Bono Employment Dispute with FEMA

Four years ago, Robert M. Burke was appointed by the federal court to represent the plaintiff in a pro bono lawsuit against her former employer, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), for failure to accommodate her cognitive learning disability. After wading through EEOC proceedings and written discovery, and deposing a number of federal employees, Mr.   Continue Reading »
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